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Iowa Wealth Management Services for 2023

We are nearing the end of the year and financial planning season. With the stress of everything else that occurs during this time, wealth management can seem like a big task, but we’re here to help. 

At Johnson Wealth and Income Management, our commitment is to help you work towards achieving all of your financial goals and provide you with a worry-free retirement. We provide impeccable client service to help reduce taxes and protect assets by utilizing numerous investment products and strategies. No matter what your financial goals are for 2023, we have the tools and the expertise to get you there. 

Our Services:

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the overall process of figuring out how much money you need to save to sustain your lifestyle, and putting a plan in place to get there. The best place to start is by deciding what it really is that you want out of your retirement. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • When do I want to retire?
  • What do I want to do in retirement? 
  • How much money will I need to save before I get there? 
  • How much do I need to invest monthly to get there? 
  • What retirement accounts are best suited to my goals? 
  • Am I factoring in healthcare and long-term care? 

Once you have an idea of where you are and where you want to go, planning becomes much easier and our financial advisors are here to help you every step of the way. 

Tax Strategies

Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bills should be a part of any sound financial approach. Some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts. 

Investment Advice

While investing may seem easy – buy low and sell high – it’s not always that simple. There are principles and strategies that enable you to put together a portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon and overall goals. Understanding these principles and strategies can help you avoid major pitfalls that snare some investors. 

The great thing about investment strategies is that they’re usually flexible. If you choose one and it doesn’t align with your risk tolerance or goals, it’s easy to make adjustments. It is important to proceed with caution here, as it can be costly if executed carelessly. More importantly, selling assets can create a realized capital gain, which are taxable and can be expensive. 

Luckily, the retirement advisors at Johnson Wealth and Income Management are well-versed on all there is to know on how to invest and save your money. We look at your plan from a third-party standpoint and help determine your goals, your strong points and what needs to be improved. 

Money Management 

One of the keys to a sound financial strategy is spending less than you take in, then finding a way to put your excess to work. This can be difficult to do on your own, but become a breeze with a financial advisor from Johnson Wealth and Income Management by your side. A money management approach involves creating budgets to understand and make decisions about where your money is going and involves knowing where you may be able to put your excess cash to work. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do to help provide for your family into the future—no matter your age, health status or net worth.

Effective estate planning can help you manage your affairs during your lifetime and control the distribution of your wealth after death. An effective estate strategy spells out your healthcare wishes to help ensure they’re carried out. It can even designate someone to manage your financial affairs should you be unable to do so. 

Many Iowans might feel they can wait until they become seriously ill, old or unable to decide on how to divide their assets, set up a trust or legally decide whom to leave the house to. It’s better to plan ahead and utilize a Fiduciary to help you plan for any scenario with estate planning. After all, you don’t have to be rich to do well in the stock market or real estate, both of which produce assets that you’ll want to pass on to your heirs. Even if you’re only leaving behind a home, if you don’t decide who receives the property when you pass away, you won’t have any control over what happens to it.

Insurance Options

If you’re retired, or soon-to-be-retired, you need insurance. Finding the right insurance and correct coverage requires careful research and planning as we head into the new year.

Insurance transfers the financial risk of life’s events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy helps protect your family from the financial consequences of those events. A strategy can include personal insurance, liability insurance and life insurance. 

Your goals and priorities will probably change as you plan to retire. Along with your goals and priorities, your insurance needs may change too. The end of the year is a great time to review the different parts of your insurance program and make any changes that might be needed.

Why Johnson Wealth and Income Management?

It’s important to choose a financial advisor you trust, makes you feel comfortable and has the skills and knowledge that match your individual needs. That’s why we’re not your typical financial advisors at Johnson Wealth and Income Management. We have a team of Fiduciaries. The biggest difference between a Fiduciary and a financial advisor is the standard they’re held to when advising clients. A Fiduciary is a person or legal entity that has the power and responsibility of acting for another in situations requiring total trust, good faith and honesty.

At Johnson Wealth and Income Management, our commitment is to help you work towards achieving all of your financial goals and provide you with a “worry-free” retirement. We do this through offering all of the necessary services, knowledge and experience. 

How to Get Started

When it comes to wealth management, it’s better late than never. No matter where you’re at in your financial journey, we have the team to help get you to where you want to be. If you’re looking to begin your financial planning adventure, contact us today.


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