Financial Webinars in 2022

Why Attend a Virtual Financial Webinar in 2022?

Financial literacy and education are key when it comes to helping secure your future. When it comes to financial planning for 2022, virtual events and webinars are here to stay.

Due to the ongoing and ever-evolving pandemic, most in-person events have moved online for the safety of others. Individuals can easily connect viewers across the world with just one click.

In short, Webinars are simply web-based seminars for generating leads across the globe. As it is an online presentation or video conferencing, people can record and watch it later in their leisure time or convenient times. 

Utilizing financial webinars can be rewarding for anyone out there that’s looking to get more help with their finances. Here’s everything you need to know about the main benefits of a webinar.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a large, multi-session online event that often features webinars and webcasts. Webinar conferences are highly engaging and include a series of large sessions run by thought leaders in the industry who present to and interact with attendees.

Webinars can achieve this by hosting a virtual lobby wherein attendees can choose sessions and streams to “attend.”

Variety of Financial Topics to Learn About

Attending a financial webinar is a win-win situation for both the business and the consumer. They help address common questions and concerns about finance that are usually harbored by the average prospect, client, supplier, or employee.

The good thing about attending webinars is that you can easily get information about a variety of topics.  For example, the pandemic resulted in many changes to tax laws, contribution limits, and deductions and credits. If you’re looking to learn more about the basics of these topics, you can find answers to these questions given by your trusted financial advisor or Fiduciary. Newer webinar platforms have made it easier to share information by adding a recording feature to the presentations. This makes it possible for hosts to record their presentations, including Q&A sessions. This helps create a rich collection of information that can later on be shared with others online.

Hosted by Matthew P. Johnson from Johnson Wealth and Income Management, we have a whole host of webinar topics ready for 2022; including essential, free information on Social Security, Estate Planning and RMDs. Check them out and sign up instantly here.

Building Stronger, Lasting Business Relationships

While networking events have previously been the go-to method of making business connections and building long-lasting relationships, the little amount of time you actually get to introduce yourself and your business at these events is often too little to make a lasting impression.

Webinars, on the other hand, give both the business and consumer the opportunity to properly introduce themselves to one another and help foster new relationships. Webinars are a great way to not only demonstrate a business’ products or services but also communicate their mission in as much detail as the webinar host desires.

Our webinars are designed to be informative, interactive, and give you plenty of time and knowledge to help set you up for financial success in 2022 and beyond.

Our first webinar of the year on Social Security is live tomorrow night (1.13.21). Sign up here.

Efficient Communications

One of the most significant benefits of a financial webinar comes in the form of its ease, fleixibility and affordability. The basic requirements for attending an online event includes an internet connection and a device to watch it on (laptop, cell phone or tablet).

With the help of webinar solutions, attendees can reduce the amount of resources spent on unnecessary travel to networking events, seminars, and one-on-one meetings. This means that instead of wasting money and time on travel to meet in-person, you can learn the same key vital information from the comfort of your own couch. And of course it eliminates the risk of COVID spread. Win/Win!

Finally, virtual events are nothing if not resilient. There is no need to cancel a financial webinar session because of weather or even a global pandemic. Because attendees can view the event from anywhere, it means that factors that would cripple a physical event aren’t even a consideration.

Final Thoughts

The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but there are times when going virtual is a necessary part of your financial education. Webinars give today’s retirees and pre-retirees an easy and efficient means of connecting with their Fiduciary, from all corners of the world.

At Johnson Wealth and Income Management, it’s our job to ensure we are providing useful and helpful financial information to you. For more information on our financial services and webinar schedules, please visit our website’s event page or contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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